Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clearing Your Home of Negative Energy

ClearingYour Home of Negative Energy
Stagnant energy or malicious entities can in fact weigh you down.Regular spiritual house clearings are essential to eradicate negative energies that may be lingering. Here are simple instructions on how to do this. You don't have to follow it verbatim, or use the exact ingredients. Use your creativity.Change wording if you want. The most important ingredient is your intention ;that you are removing negative energy.
Using Candles for purifying your space
You will need: one white candle-tea lites or tapers for every room in the house, Sage or other incense. (Don't forget holders for the candles and incense.) Essential oil of your choice, a cup of water, and sea salt(you may also make your own bath salt or buy one infused with essential oils.) Prepare a cup of warm water and dissolve bath or sea salt in it.

Take a shower or bath, but before you begin washing, hold the cup of salt water in your hands, and "charge" it with your intent. Verbalize your intent to be purified of all negative energies and entities. Scrub the salt water over yourself, from head to foot. Visualize white or lapis lazuli light energy removing all negativity. Say mantras of purification(I can provide you with safe public Buddhist ones or say the Our Father or any Christian/Catholic prayers or any other one that fits into your spiritual path) After your shower, anoint yourself with the oil on pulse points,heart and two fingers below your navel. Ask for protection from your God(s),Goddeses,Divine Energy,or Dharma Protectors. Visualize white or blue Lapis light surrounding you. Anoint each candle with the oil, starting from the base, up to the top. It is helpful,with a pencil or toothpick carve the name and astrological sign of the homes inhabitants into the wax.Set one candle (and one stick of incense or Sage) in each room of the house, and one at each doorway. Prepare another cup of warm salt water. Walk through your house with the salt water, sprinkling it thoroughly in each room, being sure to get some into corners and closets, behind doors, anywhere negativity can gather. You may use a sprig of herbs to sprinkle or your hands; As you sprinkle, you may chant something from your spiritual path or a nice non 'religious' affirmation like:
"Negative energy or beings must leave”
State your rules-fr example I allow ghosts in my apartment provided they do not harm,scare or disrupt the inhabitants,animal and humans. They are welcome to listen to my practices(as many earth-bounds and elementals love spiritual practice. They are forbidden from hiding my personal items(some love that) I advise unless you are able to handle them there then just forbid them for now.

State this with a confident and Authoritative voice. Continue sprinkling salt water in every possible area of your home. Once you've felt it is time to stop, light the candles and incense/sage. Make sure they are away from animals or anything else that can be knocked over.*Never leave a candle unattended. I have often place my candles in a holder and put them in a bowl of water .Let them burn down unless you have to leave. While they are burning, sit and vision white/blue light energy infusing every room of your home. I recommend doing this as needed but at least monthly.

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